Flete Internacional Guatemala

Are you looking for Agente aduanal Guatemala? No wory, you are at perfect place.

We have services in all the customs of the Republic of Guatemala for the import and export of merchandise. The Guatemalan customs service qualifies our managing partner as an assistant in the public function as a customs agent, in Guatemala this qualification is granted to a small number of professionals.

A customs agency is a government entity responsible for overseeing the flow of goods in and out of a country. They are responsible for enforcing customs laws and regulations, collecting customs duties and taxes, and protecting the country's borders.

  • Vision:

To be the preferred company for its high quality services that provide solutions to our clients.

  • Mission:

We provide ethical and legal solutions that allow our clients greater efficiency in their import and export processes.

Customs agencies and cargo agencies play important roles in the flow of goods across borders. While customs agencies are responsible for enforcing customs laws and collecting taxes, cargo agencies focus on the logistics of moving goods from one place to another. Both are essential for ensuring a smooth and efficient process for the transportation of goods.

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